6 Ways to Successfully Flirt with a Girl

Who said guys don’t know how to flirt? Admittedly, it takes a little more effort and practice for most guys compared to their female counterparts. That’s why we’re here to help. If you follow our easy tips to successfully flirt with a girl, especially online, you will charm the pants off her (figuratively speaking, ok?) in no time.

Be Brave

If you’re shy or reserved by nature, the internet is the perfect place to practice and perfect your flirting skills. The girl on the receiving end of your flirty message won’t see your ears go red or your sheepish grin when you push the send button after writing something like: “Do your feet hurt? That’s because you’ve been wandering around in my thoughts all day.” Just remember once you’ve hit send, there is no taking it back.

Be a Good Listener

Once you’ve started a conversation with a flirty message, it’s time to hold back a little and let her do the talking. Nothing makes a girl feel more special than really being listened to. Don’t interrupt her unnecessarily or change the topic too soon if she’s on a role. You can remain the leader by steering the conversation and keeping it flirty by intervening with a well-timed short response. “Did you mention you love chocolate? So do I. Especially when fed to me by a beautiful girl like you.”

Be Unpredictable and Mysterious

Without giving her the impression that you have something to hide, make her curious and keep her interested by sending messages that keeps her wondering. For example: “My day started out ordinary until I got an unexpected surprise.” Make her ask you what the surprise was and then keep her guessing for a while, but not long enough to make her lose interest or get irritated by your little game. She must still get to know the real you despite the mystery.   

Build Sexual Tension

Subtlety is the key when it comes to building sexual tension while flirting online. It’s not recommended for a first chat. Just because she is messaging you, doesn’t mean she wants to get into your bed. However, some girls like seductive teasing. But there’s a difference between being playful and funny as opposed to coming over as creepy and desperate. One way to add an element of sexual tension to your conversations is to deliberately misinterpret what she says. Like: “My place could also do with a good cleaning once you’re done with yours. I can pay you with a steamy hot shower and a massage afterwards.”

Keep it Short and Snappy

Girls get bored easily. Keeping in mind the above tips, never resort to lengthy, self-important messages. The golden rule is to stick to 3 lines or less in one message. Apart from making her curious, another way of ensuring a response is to end with a question. A good example: “Let’s play 5 questions: What is your favourite colour? Who is your favourite singer of all times? Wanna go out with me Friday night?” If you don’t get an immediate response, don’t harass her with more unanswered messages. She might just be busy and only in a position to answer the next day. If not, let it be.

Compliment Her

If you can’t give her diamonds, give her compliments. The latter are also a girl’s best friend. The nice thing is that there are a lot of flirty ways to give a compliment. “You look good in that shirt. I won’t mind to be seen next to you in it.” As long is the comment is genuine, the girl will be happy. Beware though, because girls smell fake compliments from a hundred miles away.


Picture Source: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net