Looking for a flirt? Dating is a numbers game and to maximize your dating opportunities you need to find a website that has a large number of customers in your region. We provide insights into which providers have the best coverage across all regions and cities so that you can chose a service that is likely to have large numbers of in your locality.

Here are our top recommendations for South Africa.

Dating has shifted massively within the last decade to become a principally online phenomena in the Western World. It is a transformative process that however much hacks write about it and friends discuss it, can barely be comprehended in the magnitude of its impact. After all, dating is life: The vast majority of us regard dating, love and romance as the top priority in our lives.

The best flirt sites:

# 1: Zoosk

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in South Africa: 2.500.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Good instant messaging function
  • Carousel is a fun feature

Score: 4/10

in our Zoosk review
6 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

Flirting websites: where it’s all about the fun of flirting and meeting new people

More and more single South Africans of all ages are turning to online dating as first choice to meet a new partner. The reason is quite obvious: internet dating is fast, easy and often successful. The motivation varies, with some viewing it as a fun experience while others go about it more seriously.
What has been proven though, is that flirting and non-committal acquaintance are paramount to the users of classic singles websites such as and flirting apps like Zoosk and Tinder. They have fun browsing the profiles of other singles and seeing what develops from flirting with new contacts. While having fun is the main focus, it is a bonus when two people fall in love and continue to have a long-term relationship. Others prefer to keep contact shallow. Their relationship never goes beyond interesting conversation and a few platonic meetings. Such experiences are nevertheless rewarding.
Users who simply want to flirt online, normally set out without expectations and not knowing what they are heading for. With matchmaking services, it is quite the opposite. These websites present users with scientifically determined partner proposals from partner agencies. People looking for a steady, long-term relationship will benefit from such an online dating service. Casual dating is something different again. While South Africans can find female or male dates on a casual dating portal, the erotic adventure free from obligations remains the main goal.

Dating websites and flirt apps must offer more than a member database

It is hard to believe that online dating websites for singles developed from the personal ads in newspapers during the days before the internet. Thankfully, today’s online dating services are not nearly as limited as those from days gone by.
Today’s dating apps and online flirting websites provide users with a lot more than just a user profile. Search capabilities have been fine-tuned and perfected to do targeted searches for potential flirting contacts. These are based on all relevant information such as age, location and interests. Communication functions are versatile and allow for direct and uncomplicated contact. Comprehensive offers are often accompanied by handy tips and advice.
The above comparisons of singles websites include all offers that have performed well. We look for a number of important criteria in our tests. Only those who score well in every aspect make it into the top ranks. The criteria are:

Practical Test

We test the dating sites and flirting apps under real conditions by creating test profiles designed specifically for this purpose. From this, we determine what the chances of contact are and evaluate the experiences flowing from contact.

Features and Profiles

We take a detailed look at the quality, diversity and plausibility of the search and communication functions. Furthermore, the profile quality is tested. It is important for us to determine whether all profiles are genuine.

User Friendliness

We take a look at how user friendly the dating site or flirting app is. We also check and verify the existence of a customer service department. Other factors under this criterion include accessibility and the quality of the website content.

Value for Money

Taking into account the previously mentioned criteria, we evaluate a website’s rates to see if prices are justified.

Is it possible for singles websites to be free of charge?

If so, how good are they? What can you expect good dating and flirting apps to cost?

As in many other industries, there will always be dodgy providers of dating and flirting websites and apps. It might be possible to find one or two serious and partly useful free websites for singles. However, the majority of free dating websites and flirting apps are hardly useful and downright unsafe.
It costs money to design, develop and operate an online flirting website or dating app. This is especially true if you expect the site to function properly and have the high quality features we have already spoken about. Free dating websites often attempt to recover at least some of their costs through dubious advertising and spamming. And there is always the danger that they can sell your personal data.
Without exception, we recommend only reputable dating websites and flirting apps. Yes, also the free ones, even though in our opinion and experience quality mostly comes at a price. Good dating apps and flirting websites in South Africa cost between 100 ZAR and 300 ZAR per month. The price depends on the following:
  • The scope of the service provided, i.e. the number of services used or booked.
  • The period of service, i.e. the time frame in which the service was used.
  • The quality of the service or service provider.
You can find all the details about rates and costs in our test reports. We answer all questions you might have, e.g. whether the prices are justified and whether individual offers are good value for money.

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