Finding the love of your life means: find the right dating agency first. We can help you to find your perfect dating agency. We have analysed all the top players in South Africa and ranked their performance across a wide range of factors including geographic spread of membership numbers and online reputation.

Choose one of our favourite dating agencies in South Africa.

Dating agencies are set up to make money more than they are to help you find love, so be aware that you should not believe absolutely everything they tell you. Dating agencies will always be keen to imply that they have lots of members in your local area. The truth is sometimes otherwise, and it’s really worth putting in the time to do a little be of research before investing in one dating agency or another.

Recommended matchmaking sites

# 1: EliteSingles

for Love searches *)
  • Members in South Africa: 2.000.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Leading elite dating site in South Africa
  • 18,000 new members each week

Score: 10/10

in our EliteSingles review
42 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 2:

for Love searches *)
  • Members in South Africa: 200.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Easy and relaxed flirting on Match
  • Tried and tested approach still works for singles

Score: 3/10

in our review
7 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

Online dating and matchmaking offer excellent opportunities to connect

Unlike a decade or so ago, it has become completely normal and acceptable to turn to the internet in search of a partner or true love. Even up to a few years ago, one had to rely on good friends for references to reputable websites to find a partner on the internet. Many people kept their internet dating activities secret. Fortunately, those days are over. Couples who met and fell in love online are openly and proudly talking about their experience. Also in South Africa, online dating has become part of everyday life. The days of newspaper matchmaking advertisements are over for good.
There is no reason for the online flirt to be in competition with the club flirt. Singles websites can excellently complement flirting and dating in the offline or “real” world. The fact is that most of the time it is so much faster and more convenient to search for the right partner and get to know someone on the internet. The reason being that it provides a platform for like-minded people to meet and communicate at any time of the day. The chances of success only get better when you make use of a sophisticated dating agency. Professional matchmaking websites with huge membership numbers are able to connect people who are likely to be a perfect fit. This lays the best foundation for love and intimacy to develop. A lot of luck would be involved if the internet was taken out of the equation.

Does online dating work? Can the internet prescribe love?

Love is an intense emotion. Therefore, no-one can prescribe to you who to love. Love grows inside us. Sometimes it catches you by surprise, coming from nowhere and steamrolling you with unexpected feelings. Other times love develops slowly. In such instances it can be compared to a delicate plant that grows shyly and gingerly, until it turns into something magnificent.
But even if love is a feeling that cannot be enforced or planned, it is at least capable of being conveyed. A lot can be done to create the right conditions to plant the seed of love and to nurture it into growth. A recipe for love by the famous scientist and psychologist Arthur Aron was recently republished in the New York Times. It describes how it is possible for two strangers to fall in love based on a series of personal questions. All they must do is answer the 36 questions aimed at exploring the idea of fostering closeness through mutual vulnerability. Does it sound too good to be true? Many people who have tried and tested it says no. Love can indeed be fostered or some things can make it easier to fall in love.
This is exactly what dating agencies do. They match and introduce people who fit together well. It makes the search much easier. Unlike looking for a partner elsewhere, you can be fairly sure your potential online date is also single and that the two of you are well suited according to the selection algorithm. The advantages are obvious: no disappointment when it comes to relationship status and no big personality surprises.
It is true that matchmaking attempts are based on statistical information. Established, professional dating agencies do however base their outcomes on well-founded scientific personality tests. The tests involve the translation of psychological and sociological knowledge of relationship science into an effective algorithm. The algorithm matches members listed in the dating website who are likely to have a harmonious relationship.
This is the core competence of any matchmaking service. As discussed before, there are no guarantees that the two people who are matched together will actually fall in love. However, according to scientific data the chances are exceptionally good. So why not take the chance?

Tips to deal with online matchmaking services

  • Reputable online dating agencies offer free registration. Make use of this opportunity. You will be limited in that you won’t be able to contact other members, but it will give you a general impression of the website to be able to decide whether you want to continue with the particular agency.
  • Take the personality test, that is normally done at the beginning of your membership, seriously. It forms the basis on which future proposals from suitable partners are formulated. View it with the importance it deserves by answering the questions honestly and sincerely.
  • The more detail you provide in your profile, the better your chances of success. It is always better to have a complete profile, although quality should come before quantity. Meaningful, but short profiles can attract more attention than long descriptions that are shallow and meaningless.
  • At all times adhere to and maintain netiquette. A direct and harsh manner of communication is not as effective as a charming and polite approach. Minimum requirements are to start with a friendly greeting and saying goodbye politely. On the other hand, don’t let your online conversations drag on endlessly. A timely personal meeting can help you decide whether the relationship is worth your time and effort.


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