Needing to hook-up quickly? Try in addition to Craigslist personals a reliable dating site in South Africa

Needing to hook-up quickly? Try in addition to Craigslist personals a reliable dating site in South Africa

Learn more about best dating sites in South Africa

People searching to find no-strings-attached sex often opt for craigslist personals. Perhaps from the outside craigslist personals in South Africa may appear the better prospect, it is a fact upclose that hook-up sites are better.

of first online sex dates actually end in sex.

Recent studies prove that 66% of those who meet on dating apps hookup the first time they meet. The craigslist personals, however, don’t give the same results. This article will show you the best dating services and how you can use them to get laid like so many others have.

Picking a platform that works is as important as it is difficult. The best platform varies depending on where you live and won’t be the same for everyone. Thankfully, we have taken all that guesswork out of the equation.

Dating sites in addition to craigslist personals in South Africa? Here are our recommendations

# 1: Find Me A Hookup

for Craigslist Personals searches *)
  • Members in South Africa: 600.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • Users very open minded
  • Focus on real sex dates

Score: 8/10

for Find Me A Hookup
26 responses to 100 Craigslist Personals-requests shortly after in our search area. *)

# 2: AdultFriendFinder

for Craigslist Personals searches *)
  • Members in South Africa: 900.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • Delivers all your erotic needs in one place
  • A full and active global community

Score: 4/10

for AdultFriendFinder
8 responses to 100 Craigslist Personals-requests shortly after in our search area. *)

Why to choose craigslist personals in South Africa for dating platforms

Before dating sites really improved, the craigslist personals feature was the way to go in South Africa. There were those looking for regular intercourse plus individuals searching for kinky sex. It was a problem deciding which listings were authentic and which were false plus, it was hard to decide if an automaton or human was responding to your own post.

This was a hinderance the dating platforms considered they could improve on and so instigated screen tests prior to joining. This began a whole new era in casual hook-ups and uncommitted sex as participants had to be authentic and also deemed to be safe.

Lola, 30, Pretoria

It was difficult when the only way to get laid was with the sketchy craigslist personals ads. But ever since dating services got better, I never looked back. I’m having more sex now than I ever have.

84% of craigslist personals ads are ROBOTS

Since the improvement of dating websites, craigslist personals in South Africa have been deserted. Everyone has gone elsewhere, leaving craigslist personals in the dust. And it seems that the ones still there are fake.

According to a surveys, just 16% of the ads on craigslist personals are posted by real people. That means a majority of posts will waste your time and money. Choosing a good dating platform can avoid all that hassle.

Stella, 32, Durban

When the popularity of dating platforms grew, there were many explanations why I stopped using Craigslist personals but the primary motives were they were much safer and extra secure, plus they were largely simpler to use. Also there were better portrayals on the profiles and usually more photos of that person, plus more details on what they sought.

Guys should use dating websites different vs. craigslist personals

Setting up a dating account isn’t like posting on craigslist personals in South Africa. With craigslist, you just describe what you’re interested in along with your “stats”. Some people post pictures, but that’s optional.

You need a little more info to set up a dating account though. While they also need your “stats”, they’re more interested in what you have to say about your personality and lifestyle. After you fill that info out, we recommend saying that you only want hookups. The more straightforward you are, the less time you’ll waste. Also, photos are certainly not optional if you want to get laid. So definitely include at least one good shot of your face and a picture of your body. With these, girls can quickly decide if they’re attracted to you or not.

The greatest online dating site in South Africa

Unfortunately, the hook-up platform that functions best varies depending on your region. It all concerns which dating platform has the majority of people in your neighbourhood, and how many of those people are looking for sex and sex alone. Due to that, we can’t give you a straightforward answer on one or two websites that work great. You have to do a little of your own research.

But we’ve made that bit of research super simple for you. We’ve already examined the effectivenes of different sites globally to discover which ones function best and where. All you have to do is find your hometown on our website and see what our findings were. We’ve made a task that’s normally demanding, extremely easy. And you can look up the information for free too!

User comments for craigslist personals in South Africa

Being on craigslist personals freaked me out. But just thinking of sifting through other platforms was exhausting. Then I found this website, where they do all the hard work for you. I’ve never gotten laid so much in my life.
Cape Town
I’d been searching for a threesome for 12 months, but craigslist personals disappointed. Each response I got was bogus. After trying the dating platform this website recommended, I got my threesome within just three days of joining.
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